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This is my own, original story and I put a lot of hard work into it. Enjoy!

- Skye

(Also, just a quick note, Skye is 24 and Midas is 25 so it doesn't get weird with the ages k?)         

Editing And Writing Taken Over By Me and Darsh Tamang and Midas As Skye’s Account Was Banned         

Chapter 1[]

Skye's POV

Ah… *Skye takes a deep breath* What a nice morning! The sun’s shining, the wind’s blowing… I can tell today will be amazing.  *Skye takes out her phone from her pocket* Let me call Tina (TNTina) real quick…

TNTina: Hello?

Skye: Hey Tina, it’s me, Skye!

TNTina: Oh, hey Skye! Heading over to the Agency now?

Skye: Yup! On my way there!

TNTina: Well… See you there!

*Skye puts her phone back* I wonder why we’re needed at the Agency. When I arrived, I saw Tina and I smiled. We started chatting when then we were called inside. Two guards dressed in white suits led us into a room, where we had seats with our names on them. When I sat down, I saw a muscular cat, a big guy, and a handsome man. He introduced himself, saying his name was Midas. Wait… what is this feeling? Oh no. I feel hot. Am I blushing? Ah! *Skye runs out of the room*

Chapter 2[]

Midas’s POV

In his head: “So, I guess these are my agents. Why is there a cat here? Oh well.” Anyway, let me introduce myself. I’m Midas, your boss. When I looked around the room, the girl in the denim jacket was blushing furiously. Suddenly, she gets up from her chair and runs out of the room. Puzzled, I decided to go check on her. When I walked out of the room, I could hear the girl talking to herself. She sounded… confused? I couldn’t really tell, but it sounded like she was talking about someone. I knocked on the door. “Hey, are you alright?” I asked her. I could hear her mumbling. “Yeah… I’m alright” she replied. I told her that I was worried aboutr her because she ran out unexpectedly. Suddenly, I can feel myself getting hotter. What is wrong with me? Anyways after talking to Skye, she told me that she had developed a crush on someone. I wondered who it could be. Well, it was time I went back to the meeting room.

Chapter 3[]

Skye's POV

After splashing some water on my face, I felt better. I hugged Ollie for a bit and then came back to the meeting room, I saw everyone staring at me, even Midas. I felt nervous. What does he think of me? Does he think I’m weird? Or dumb? Well… I can’t read minds, so I can’t know, for now, I guess. “Let’s just get this over with” I said. Midas started explaining how we are each going to have our own base and henchmen. I’m so excited! I wonder what my base is going to look like. Then, he was assigning us to our bases. Ooooh, I can't wait!

Chapter 4[]

Midas's POV

Alright. Everyone, I'll be assigning you guys to your bases now. Brutus, you will be guarding The Grotto. Meowcles, you will guard my yacht. TNTina, you will guard The Rig. And last, but not least, Skye, you guard The Shark. Now, you will be taken individually to your base in a helicopter. My henchmen will take you guys there. If there are any issues, please contact me.

Chapter 5[]

Skye's POV

I can’t believe it! I’m so excited! When I got on the helicopter. I could see Midas standing outside waving to all of us. I felt embarrassed about what happened at the Agency. When I arrived at the Shark, I was speechless. The size, the beauty…Wow! And this base is mine! When I got off the helicopter, I decided to call Tina, to see if she liked her base. *Skye takes her phone out of pocket, phone rings*

TNTina: Yeah? Who is it?

Skye: Tina! It’s meeee! Skyeeee!

TNTina: Oh! Skye! How’s the base?

Skye: I love it! It’s so big!

TNTina: I got an oil rig. I’m soooo excited (sarcasm).

Skye: Hey… It’s alright. Think of all the things you could blow up!

TNTina: …

Skye: Tina? You here?


Skye: Turn it down a notch, girl.

TNTina: Yeah, yeah.

Skye: Wanna come over to my place?

TNTina: Heck yeah!

Skye: See you later!

*Skye hangs up* When I walked past the front doors, I was greeted by two of my henchmen. They kindly greeted me and led me to my room. As I walked in, I was amazed. It was so large! I had my own desk, bookshelf, bed, and bathroom! Wow! After looking around, I sat on my bed and started petting Ollie.

Chapter 6[]

Midas's POV 

Without the agents here, it feels… empty. No loud music blasting from Meowcles’s room or small explosions from TNTina’s. And most of all, I miss Skye’s beautiful smile and kind personality Every day she'd visit me and talk to me for a bit. Hm... What if I were to visit her? Yeah, that’s a good idea. As I walked out of my office, I could see my henchmen slacking off. But, as soon as they saw me, they immediately ran into position. I pay them a lot to, apparently, slack off. I need better employees. Seriously. While I was on my helicopter, I was thinking about Skye. Suddenly, I started blushing. Oh no. Not again! The henchman looked at me, confused. I glared at him and told him to pay attention to the sky in front of him. When we landed, I was nervous. What was I going to say? Will she think I’m an idiot? Anyways, I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. 

Chapter 7[]

Skye's POV  

When Tina arrived, she suggested we could take a dip in my pool. I didn’t even know I had a pool! She told me she saw it on her way here. When I walked into my room, TNTina asked me if she could borrow one of my bathing suits. I lent her one of my bikinis, and she looked fabulous in it! I changed into one as well and gave Ollie little floaties for his wings. He looked so cute! Anyways, when Tina led me to the pool, I was surprised. It was so big! And it was heated, too! I dived in, while Tina insisted on sunbathing. I let her go ahead, while I swam laps around the pool. Unexpectedly, one of my henchmen ran towards me. I asked him what was wrong, and he said we had a visitor. I wondered who it could be. I dried off, and then asked the henchman to bring them here.  

Chapter 8[]

(Major cringe warning)

Midas’s POV

I knocked a couple of times on the door, until finally, henchman answered. He led me outside, where I could see two girls in bathing suits talking to each other. One of them looked like TNTina, while the other one was… Skye?! Wow! She looked amazing. It took them a while to realize I was there. When Skye finally saw me, I looked away, knowing that I was going to start blushing again. I could see her blushing too… Wait. Does this mean that she likes me too? I mean… it’s a possibility, but… Ah! Snap out of it, Midas! Skye was looking at me with a puzzled expression. I told her that I wanted to visit her, and maybe chat for a bit.

She said that she’s been swimming in the pool for the past hour, and that TNTina has been sunbathing and complaining about how Brutus is so annoying because he keeps calling her. Skye then told me that she thinks that Brutus is in love with TNTina. I lughede, since it was funny that Brutus, a tough guy who likes to be alone, has a crush. Skye then replied that was a possibility, though. I asked her if we could talk alone, for a bit. She blushed, and replied, “Oh, of course.” TNTina was now sleeping, which seemed odd to me because she’s always so active. Anyways, one of Skye’s henchmen led us to her room. I sat down on her bed, while I waited for Skye to change out of her bathing suit. When Skye came out of her bathroom, she was wearing something different than her usual denim jacket and jeans. Instead, she was wearing a crimson-colored hoodie and shorts. I asked her to sit next to me, and she started blushing. I told her that there was something important I wanted to tell her. She looked at me curiously. Suddenly, I started blushing. Midas, just tell her! “Skye… I..” I kept struggling to tell her. Ugh! Come on! “Skye, I love you! It’s alright if you don’t love me it’s fine yeah totally!” Skye looked at me. She had tears in her eyes. “Midas, I love you too! When I was in the bathroom on the first day we met, the person that I said I had a crush on! I love you, Midas!” When she told me that, I was surprised. Suddenly, I had a weird feeling. I started moving without analyzing what I was doing. I grabbed Skye by the waist. She looked at me with a confused expression. Then, without warning, I kissed her. Yes! I just kissed her! Skye had closed her eyes and was blushing furiously. But then, she kissed me back! Wow!

Chapter 9[]

Skye's POV

I…can’t…believe it! Midas is in love with me! I never thought he’d like me. I mean, I thought I wasn’t his type, but… Anyway, after we kissed… ack! I’m cringing so hard thinking about it! But, back to the point, after what happened, he said he also had a present for me. He walked out of my room, and then came back with a bag. He then pulled out of the bag an AR and a grappler. He told me that these items were very special and powerful. He also said that I can use these to protect myself from any intruders in my base. Then, handed them to me and kissed me on the forehead. He started to leave, but then I asked him to stay because I needed to tell him something. I told him that nobody can know about our relationship, not just yet. Then I told him that I’ll be passing by The Agency this afternoon to pick up something I left there. Once he left, I sat on my bed and started analyzing what just happened. Man, this is one dramatic day! I walked out of my room to see a henchman talking to TNTina. When Tina saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me. She told me that the henchman overheard my conversation with Midas and that the henchman told her. I got very angry at the henchman, but I knew it wasn’t his fault since I sometimes tend to speak loudly. Tina then told me that she was very proud of me. She was surprised that I had gotten a boyfriend before her since she was an “expert” in romance. I rolled my eyes at her. This girl really needs more friends. Anyways, I told her that she should try talking to Brutus since he keeps calling her. Tina said that there’s no way she’s going to talk to him. Well, too bad for her because I talked to Brutus and set up a date for them. So then, I told Tina to meet me at Retail Row tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. She told me that she’ll be there and then left for The Rig. She has no idea what’s going to happen! Of course, I’m not going to be theer,e and instead she’ll find Brutus. Haha! I’m a genius.  Alright. Now, I’m going to the Agency to pick up my camera. I can’t believe I left it there! Of all the things, my one-of-a-kind camera! Oh well. As I headed out the front doors, I could hear the rain pouring. Great. Just great. Oh well. I’ll just have to grab it tomorrow. I was heading back to my room when I heard a knock on the door. I’m not expecting visitors, aren’t I? I went back to the door and opened it. And guess who was there… it was Midas! He was standing in the rain, his suit all wet. He said: "I think you forgot something" and then winked at me. He brought me my camera! He's the best! I love him so much! Suddenly, I started blushing. I ran towards him, even though I didn’t have an umbrella. I grabbed the camera, ran inside, put it in my room, and ran back out into the rain, hugging Midas. I hugged him for like 3 seconds when then he started hugging me back. We were just standing outside, in the rain. Sigh! How romantic!

Chapter 10[]

Midas's POV

Wow.. we were just standing in the rain, hugging each other tightly. I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening. Suddenly I got an idea. I asked Skye if she’d like to go on a date with me. She nodded and asked me when it’s going to be. I then told her that we could go Retail Row tomorrow, at 5:00 p.m. She doesn’t know that I’m planning to, after our date, take her up to Mount Kay. A couple of days before, she told me that she likes the cold and fresh air on the top of the mountains, so I decided that, after the sun set, we could go on the top of the mountain and look at the stars. Then, I told Skye to meet me at The Agency tomorrow so then we could take a helicopter to Retail Row. Skye waved at me and headed inside The Shark. I headed back to my helicopter, drove back to The Agency, and started picking out a suit to wear. In the end, I couldn’t decide, so then one of my henchmen suggested that I wear my regular suit. I thought it was a good idea, so I stuck with that one. I can’t wait for our date!

Chapter 11[]

(A minor cringe warning for some people)

Skye's POV                                             

I can’t believe Midas is planning a date for me! I’ve actually never been on a date before. I wonder what it’s going to be like. As I was picking out what to wear, I got a call from Tina. Oh, shoot! I forgot that the date I planned for Brutus and Tina is at the same time as mine! And in the same place, too. Crap. Great planning, Midas. Just great. Well, it's not really his fault though. We just happened to pick the same spot for a date. Anyway, I picked up and started talking to her.

Skye: Hey Tina! Heading to Retail now?

TNTina: Yup! You coming?

Skye: Yeah… Just picking out something to wear.

TNTina: Hey, what about the pink dress you have and the black ankle boots? That would look really cute! Anyway, it’s not like you’re going on a date or something, so don’t worry about what to wear. Also, make sure to leave Ollie behind. The beanie doesn't match with the outfit.

Skye: Actually…

TNTina: Hold on, Skye. Brutus is calling me again! Ugh! Anyway, see you soon.

*Skye hangs up*. This girl won’t even let me finish my sentence. Wow. Well, she did give me a good suggestion on what to wear, so I’ll take it. After getting dressed, I looked at myself in the mirror. Tina was right! I look great! Although it pains me to leave Ollie behind, it was time that he got a bit of rest after being on my head. He needs some alone time, so I placed him on my bed. I looked at my watch, and I saw that it was 4:30 p.m. Crap! Gotta go! I ran out of The Shark, and I headed towards my helicopter. As my henchman was driving me to The Agency, I started daydreaming about how my date could go. When I got there, I saw Midas in his suit. He looked so handsome! I could tell he was blushing. Oh great. Now I am too. I got off the helicopter and headed towards him. He said: “Shall we?” and I nodded. We got on his helicopter and headed to Retail Row. When I got there, I could see TNTina and Brutus in the distance. What were they doing? As I got closer, I could see them… kissing?! WHAT?! I thought my date for them would go well, but not THIS well! I couldn’t help giggling. Wow! Haha! I could see that Midas was cracking up, too. Suddenly, we both burst into laughter. I don’t know why we were laughing, but I was having a good time. I turned my head and I could see both TNTina and Brutus looking at me. Out of nowhere, they started laughing too! Now we were all laughing together. Suddenly, Midas grabbed me and kissed me. I saw TNTina and Brutus gasping. I assume TNTina never told Brutus about my relationship with Midas. She’s a good friend, but she’s a clueless girl. Tina then said: “So, if I’m correct, you’re here on a date with Midas, right?”. Well, I couldn’t hide the truth from her, so I just nodded. When I said yes, she started jumping up and down in excitement. I asked her: “So… what’s going on with you and Brutus?” and started giggling. I don’t know why I find these things funny. She told me that Brutus said that he was in love with her and that he’s just a sweet guy with a tough exterior. Ultimately, she fell in love with him, and that’s all. So after chatting with them for a bit, Midas pulled me away and asked me if he could blindfold me because he had a surprise for me. I said yes, and he put a blindfold on my face. I could feel myself moving, but I didn’t know where I was going. 

Chapter 12[]

Midas's POV

As we were going up the mountain, I could tell Skye was getting cold. Although she looked adorable in that pink dress, she was definitely not dressed for cold weather. Now she was really shivering. In a hurry, I unzipped my coat and put it around Skye. I could now see her smiling. When we were almost there, the sun started setting. My plan was now in action. At the top, I set down a blanket and a picnic basket. I sat down and took off Skye’s blindfold. She looked so happy. She sat down next to me and took a cupcake from the picnic basket. Skye was happy and that’s all that mattered to me right now. While we were enjoying our little picnic, I received a call from my most loyal henchman, Jeff. I answered his call and asked him what was wrong.

Midas: Hello? Jeff?

Jeff: Midas! We’ve had a break-in at The Agency! We need you over here, stat!

Midas: On my way, Jeff!

*Midas hangs up*. Skye was looking at me with a puzzled expression. I told her that there was an emergency at The Agency. She said that we need to get there as soon as possible. We were so high up on the mountain and it would take us a while to get down. But then, Skye said she had an idea. 

Chapter 13[]

Skye's POV

Our little picnic/date was going perfectly when Midas said there was a call he had to take. He then stood up and walked down the mountain just a bit. After a few minutes, he ran back to me and said there was an emergency at The Agency. We were high up on the mountain, but I had an idea to get down quickly. Midas looked at me, and I winked at him. I took out Ollie from my backpack and put him on my head. I know I had decided to leave him back at The Shark, but you never know when there’s going to be an emergency, so I snuck him in at the last minute. I told Midas to hang on to me, and he grabbed me by the waist. I then ran and jumped off the mountain. I could hear Midas shouting that we’re going to die. I told him not to worry. I then grabbed Ollie and threw him off my head, and I grabbed onto his little paws. We were now gliding towards Retail Row. I could see the helicopter. I also saw TNTina and Brutus talking to each other. When we got to the helicopter, I ran into one of the bathrooms in the nearest store and changed into my casual outfit. I then put Ollie on my head. When I got back to the helicopter, I gave Midas his jacket back. Now, we were on our way to The Agency. 

Chapter 14[]

Midas's POV

When we arrived, I could see 3 of my henchmen running in circles, panicking. I told them to get themselves together because we need to find the intruders. They got out their guns and started following me and Skye. I pulled out my drum gun and Skye took out her assault rifle. Jeff then came running to me and then said that the intruders were near the vault area. We headed there quietly, and when we arrived, we saw the intruders forcing one of my henchmen to tell them where I was. Wait. Why do they want me? When I turned around, I could see my henchmen pointing their guns at me. I slowly backed away, when then they started shooting at me. What is wrong with them? Why are their eyes… red? Out of nowhere, Skye started firing back at them. I joined her since there was nothing else I could do. Suddenly, Skye fell to the ground, screaming in pain. I ran towards her, picked her up, and ran into one of the nearest rooms. I looked around for any medical supplies, but there was nothing. I looked at her. The bullet had pierced through her jacket and into her arm. Worried, I told Skye to hang in there. I decided that it would be best to take her to a hospital. With Skye in my arms, I ran out the front doors of The Agency and got in a helicopter. Jeff drove me to the nearest hospital since he seemed to be unaffected by whatever had happened to my other henchmen. When we got there, I ran in and shouted that she needed help. Skye was now unconscious.  This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have brought her into this. Suddenly, some doctors ran towards me, took Skye, and placed her on a stretcher. They then wheeled her into the emergency room. I sat down on a chair and waited for any news about Skye. Jeff sat down next to me, and I started telling him that this was all my fault. He said that it wasn’t, and even if you wouldn’t have let her come, she would’ve insisted anyways. I guess that made me feel better, but I still couldn’t get the fact that this was my fault out of my head. A couple of hours later, a doctor came to me. He said that I could visit her now. Jeff and I got up, but then the doctor said only I could come since I was “family”. I then told him: “Actually, I’m heer-“ but then I was interrupted by the doctor that insisted I came. I followed him into Skye’s room, where she was lying on a bed, still unconscious. Her arm was wrapped in a bandage, and there was a spot of blood where the bullet had been. As I got closer to her, she started to wake up. 

Chapter 15[]

Skye's POV

Ugh… my arm… it hurts. Where am I? Midas, is that you? It’s Midas! Oh, yay I’m saved! Woah…my head…I feel weird. I looked at Midas and pat him on the head. I then started laughing, but I didn't know why. Midas then looked at the doctor and said: “What did you do to her?! She’s never like this!” Midas was angry. I could tell. The doctor said that they only extracted the bullet from my arm, wrapped it in a bandage, and gave me pain medications. The doctor then said, “Your daughter will be fine”. Midas looked at him with a mad expression. Uh-oh. He was really mad now. I closed my eyes. I could hear what was going on, I just didn’t want to see it. Midas hates it when people say I’m his daughter or he’s my father. It makes him furious, especially since we’re not even related. I heard Midas shouting. He was saying: “Okay, first of all, we’re not even related. How could you think that? Second, she’s my girlfriend and it’s my fault she’s in this state right now. So, stop assuming and help her get better!”.I then opened my eyes again. Wow. Midas really was angry. But it wasn't really his fault. Instead of running away, I decided to fight the henchmen and that's how I got hurt. So it's my fault. The doctor looked at him and said “Okay then. Well, you can see your girlfriend when she gets better.” Well, I’m just going to take a nap now. I feel tired. I saw Midas leaving the room, and then the door closed. I closed my eyes and started falling asleep...

Chapter 16[]

Midas's POV

I kept telling the doctors that they should just let me take Skye home. Well, I can’ go back to The Agency. Maybe I should go to The Shark. Anyway, after a couple of hours, they said Skye was finally able to go home. I saw her walking out of the emergency room with her arm wrapped in bandages. She started walking towards me, and I ran to her. I was going to hug her, but then I stopped myself. I didn’t want to put her in more pain. But then, she said: “Hey Midas, it’s fine. I’m not that fragile. You can hug me.” Then she hugged me. I hugged her back, but I heard her wince a bit. I felt bad. Then, she told me it wasn’t my fault she got hurt. She said she was the one that decided to engage with the henchmen. I guess knowing that it wasn’t my fault made me feel a bit better, but Skye was hurt. I have a feeling those people in The Agency were going after me, but it was Skye that got hurt. Whoever they are, they’re going to pay for what they did to her. I asked Skye if we could stay at The Shark for now, because we couldn’t go back to The Agency in our current state. Skye nodded, and we started heading to The Shark. 

Chapter 17[]

Skye's POV

When Midas and I arrived at The Shark, I could see my henchmen by the main doors. I think they were talking about me. I mean, I heard my name, so I think they were. Once they saw me, they escorted me to my room. I asked Midas to tag along too. When I got to my room, I grabbed a t-shirt and some sweatpants and headed into my bathroom. As I was changing, I saw the bullet hole on my arm. It had stitches over it and still had a bit of blood around it. I tried to clean the blood, but it was too painful. I then walked out of my bathroom to then see Midas laying on my bed, staring at the roof. I wondered what he was thinking. I sat down next to him. He sat up and looked at me. I told him I was tired, and he said he was too. I then said that he could take one of the spare rooms on the floor below. He then nodded and headed out of my room. I laid on my bed and started thinking. After a couple of minutes, I started falling asleep. I got a bit thirsty, so I got up from my bed and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed some slurp juice from the fridge and drank it. It was so refreshing. Then I ran back to my room and jumped into bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep…...

Chapter 18[]

Midas's POV

I was looking for the spare room Skye mentioned when then I finally found it. It took me a while, but I managed to find it. When I walked in, I was a bit surprised. It was really big. I can’t believe this room was unoccupied. I looked around and I saw a dresser. I opened it and saw a bunch of suits. I wonder who they belonged to. I found the bathroom, and I walked in. I took my suit off and took a shower. When I was done, I managed to find some pants in the room, but I couldn’t find a shirt. Hopefully, Skye isn’t so surprised when she sees me shirtless. I guess I am kinda hot. Anyway, I got dressed and sat on my bed. I pulled out my phone and started scrolling through my messages. Messages from Jeff, Skye, Agent Peely…wait. What is this? I don’t remember talking to anyone with this number. I clicked the message. It said:

“To: Midas, leader of The Agency

From: Anonymous

Midas, we have kidnapped Agent Skye and will not return her until you give up The Agency. You have 24 hours to decide and if you choose not to give your base up, we will kill her.”

Wait. They have Skye?! But she was right here… I need to find her! I got up from my bed, ran out of my room, and headed to Skye’s bedroom. I walked in, and I saw Skye with her hands tied behind her back. Her eyes were blindfolded, and there were two people trying to escape through one of the windows. When they saw me, they seemed surprised. I assume they thought I was at The Agency. Or maybe they thought I’d be fully dressed. Either way, I grabbed Skye’s assault rifle from her backpack and started firing at Skye’s kidnappers. They escaped through the window and ran away. I ran towards Skye and I untied her. First her hands, then her blindfold. I saw her blushing…why though? Oh yeah. I forgot. Skye got up and hugged me. Then she backed away from me and giggled. I guess she was surprised to see me shirtless. I sat on Skye’s bed, and she sat down next to me. Then, she started telling me what happened.

Chapter 19[]

Skye's POV

As I was going to begin to tell Midas what happened, he stood up and stretched. Why stretch now, of all times? Midas then looked at me and winked at me. What is he doing? I’m so confused! Then, without warning, he pounced onto my bed and started laughing. I laughed a bit too, but I was still confused. I could tell Midas knew I was confused, and he said that I need to loosen up a bit. I guess he’s right. I’ve been a bit paranoid since I was almost kidnapped. It’s been a stressful week. I sat on the edge of my bed and looked at the floor. Midas stood up again and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and said: “Hey, it’s alright. Want to do something fun?” I looked at him and nodded. He stood up and then he headed to his room. I figured he was going to change into his suit, so I decided to change as well. While I was changing, I heard a knock on my door. Wow. I guess Midas was in a hurry. When I was done changing, I opened it. It was one of my henchmen. I was about to greet them, when then suddenly, I was muffled. Someone put a blindfold around me! I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. Oh please, help me Midas!

Chapter 20[]

Midas's POV

I’m pretty sure Skye is going to love the surprise I have planned for her. I mean, who doesn’t like going to the movies? I’m not sure which one to watch yet, but I’ll figure it out. I could hear some crashing noises upstairs, so I decided to check them out. As I headed up the stairs, I heard some muffled shouting. What was going on? I knocked on Skye’s door, everything went quiet in there. Okay, something weird is going on. I opened Skye’s door, but nobody was in there, only a note on her bed. I got closer and read the note:

“To Midas,

We have now successfully kidnapped Agent Skye. Give up the Agency, or else your precious Skye dies. You have 24 hours to make your decision. If you decide to give your base up in exchange for Skye, meet us at Pleasant Park.”

Oh great. Just great. She was almost kidnapped the other day, now again? Really? Who is foolish enough to kidnap Skye? Okay, first of all, I’m not even able to go back to The Agency, since my henchmen have betrayed me. Second, I’m not going to give it up without a fight. I then walked out of Skye’s room and headed towards the security room on the bottom floor. I found the loudspeaker and made an announcement to all henchmen:

“To all henchmen at The Shark:

This is your boss, Midas. You are to report immediately to the helipad and mount all the helicopters available and we shall depart to The Agency. Take your weapons, as we should expect a fight. We will take back my Agency, and rescue Skye. Now, go to the helipad.”

I walked out of the security room and headed up the stairs. I wasn’t expecting them to all be there, since some of them tend to slack off. Luckily, they were all there, and we started making our way to The Agency. 

Chapter 21[]

Skye's POV

Huh? Where am I? Who are these people? Am I…underground? I looked around and I saw a bunch of people talking to each other. They were unaware that I was awake, and they began talking about me. I couldn’t completely understand what they were saying, but I could hear my name every now and then. When they began to walk away, I tried cutting through the rope with one of the pins of my shirt, but it was too tough. I was worried. What were they going to do to me? I looked around the room once more and I could see my backpack and my sword on the ground, a couple of feet away from me. As soon as I was alone in the room, I wriggled my fists out of the rope they were tied in and managed to pull the rope off my body. I’m glad I took that Emergency Survival class. I never thought it would be useful but…Anyway, I then untied my feet and ran towards my backpack and sword. I took out my assault rifle, put the backpack on my back, and ran out of the room. On my way out, I saw the same people again, and they had noticed I had escaped. When they saw me, they picked up their guns and fired at me. Although it was three against one, I had a feeling I had the advantage here… and I was right! Out of nowhere, Ollie swooped in and knocked them all over. While they were on the ground, I ran out of there and escaped. 

Chapter 22 (written by Qcevwwaer)[]

Midas's POV

My Henchman and I Were On The Helicopters, Armed To The Teeth. When I told The Henchman Driving To Boost to the agency. We started speeding over to the agency as the helicopter I was in and the rest of them neared the agency. As the helicopter was landing I could see many Henchman With Red Eyes Like That Time Where Skye Got Shot Then I saw That Someone Was Commanding The Henchman Like They Were Being Mind Controlled

I Walked Closer And Saw That It Was A Guy With A Black Suit And A Strange Black And Red Mask With Tubes Coming Off It I Also Noticed That He Had A Strange Device In His Hands I think He Was Using It To Manipulate My Henchman. I Then Said With Fear "Who Are you?" He Looked At Me And Said In A Terrifying Way "I Am Chaos".

Chapter 23 (written by Qcevwwaer)[]

Skyes POV

I sprinted out of there and ran up the metal stairs when I realized I was in some kind of cave. I came out of the open and saw that I was on a soccer field surrounded by a bunch of henchmen. I still had my AR in my hand and my Grappler in my inventory, I shot at the henchman to knock some of them down and then grappled away.

I soon realized that they were holding me in Pleasant Park. As I grappled out of there I realize that the grappler had infinite shots!,i love you Midas!. Midas! “Oh, I Hope he's okay!“ I said to myself. Then I remembered that the henchman said something about a battle at The Agency, and I realized that Midas might be there! So I set off and grappled toward The Agency.

Chapter 24(Written by c3messer723(AKA Derpy723))(edited by Qcevwwaer)[]

Midas's POV

"Who are you? Why are you here?!" I shouted. He looked at me, almost happily. "As I said before, I am chaos. To put it in simple terms, I am your end." I couldn't believe it. The man in front of me was saying he could just take my agency without a care in the world? I won't let that happen. I pointed my drum gun at him and said through my teeth, "you have one chance. Leave. Now. Before you have more holes in you than a slice of cheese." All he did was laugh. "Really? I'd like to see you try." Before I could pull the trigger he turned and walked off. I was dumbfounded. Before me and my henchmen could do anything, a bunch of mind-controlled henchmen came out from the inside of the building and shot at us. We had little cover, and we started going down easily. Fortunately, I knew this place better than anyone. I built it, after all. We went underground and took a room that had plenty of ways to escape. I found an Upgrade Machine and we placed it in front of our door. We needed to get to the control room, and we were right next to a lot of vents. The problem was that I didn't know the vent system too well. I figured the most common vent system was this one to the vault, which we didn't need to go to. At least they couldn't get to it without my keycard. All of a sudden, we heard footsteps as they stopped at our door. We needed to think of something, fast.

Chapter 25 (written by Qcevwwaer)(edited by Derpy723)[]

Skyes POV

As I grappled toward the agency I noticed that there havoc all around the map. the yacht looked like it had seen better days. There were multiple people at the rig shooting each other. The Grotto had the occasional gunshot coming out of the entrance, and the Agency looked like it needed to be rebuilt. I called Tina. She picked up. "Tina! What's going on?!" "Skye! Oh my god! There's a bunch of guys in black invading The Rig! Look, I'm gonna have to-" "Tina!? Tina!" I still had to go to the Agency, but I needed to make sure everyone was okay after this. Oh no! What about the Shark?! Dang it. I'll figure it out later. I called Midas, he strangely picked up. "Midas?" "Yeah, hold on Skye, I'm kind of between a rock and a hard place." "Can you at least tell me what's going on?" "This guy, who calls himself chaos, is taking over the Agency, and my henchmen are being mind-controlled." "Wow. Okay. Ummm, where are you?" "Underground. Don't try to find me, just make sure you don't get hurt." "Okay then, you too."

I hung up with fear. I saw ten henchmen fighting others with red eyes, so I helped them. By the time we took out the others, there were 8 left with me. We went through the vent system to where I hoped the vault was. I thought that maybe the attackers would be there. In any case, I knew I was going to save the man I loved.

Chapter 26(By Derpy723)[]

Midas's POV

Well, that happened. The block with the upgrade machine worked. We managed to hold our and kill whoever came at us. Wait, what was that noise? We turned around and five guys dressed in black walked in with pistols and rapid-fire smgs. Wait, that symbol looks like chaos! Does he also have henchmen? They despatched 5 of my henchmen quickly. We had practically no cover at all. I took out three, but they took out 8 more by the time the last two were killed. These guys were much harder to kill than my mind-controlled henchmen. I got a call from Skye at that point. She said she was at the Agency. I warned her about Chaos, and that was as much as I could tell her. We went through the vent system, but we had no idea where to go through there. We knew we had to get to the control room, but we didn't know how to get there through the vent system. I thought we should just get inside the main building and we could get to the control room from there. We started moving and then found what we were looking for. A vent hatch. The problem was, there was a group of 5 henchmen standing in front of it, and we had to get out one by one. How were we going to solve this?

Chapter 27 (written by Qcevwwaer )[]

Skyes POV

As I crawled through the vents, I heard shouting and gunshots I realized that that was Midas shouting! I crawled as fast as I could And popped out of the vent. all the henchmen were on the ground either severely wounded or dead, there was 1 henchman left with Midas, I’m glad he was alive. all the shadow henchman sprinted up the stairs and yelled to someone they said “kill him boss” then the boss they were talking about walked down the stairs, I shook in fear. It was, without a doubt, Chaos.

Chapter 28 (written by Qcevwwaer) (Edited by Skye)[]

Midas POV

Skye and I stood there with 1 henchman with us. I had my drum gun Skye had her SCAR. The henchman had a blue AR. The chaos agent pulled out a mythic pistol looking gun, he held it menacingly. “You're gonna burn for this, “ said Midas. He looked very angry. we all started shooting and the chaos agent struck the henchman and knocked him down, he said ”now, if I kill you Midas, I get the agency“. Then we tried to shoot him with all our might, trading shots yelling at each other. But then he pulled out a gigantic gun, he shot one bullet and I felt enormous pain, he dId it again, and it struck my chest. I could hear faded crying from Skye and then everything went black.

Chapter 29 (by Skye)[]

Skye's POV

I turned around and looked at Chaos. I said: "You're going to pay for this!". He then pointed the gun at me and fired it. I dodged the bullet and ran to Midas's unconscious body. I picked him up and dragged him to one of the henchmen. He helped me put Midas on the helicopter and we headed to the nearest hospital. When we got there, I ran in and shouted "Please help! He's been shot!" and then some doctors come running towards me. They put Midas on a stretcher and wheeled him into the emergency room. I sat on one of the chairs and waited...I hope he's going to be okay.

Chapter 30(By Derpy723)(Edited by jayzplayz080)[]

Midas' s POV

Woah. I feel fuzzy. The last thing I remember was..... I jolted up and pain erupted everywhere. Skye got up from her seat. "Woah! Take it easy. Chaos did quite a number to you. The doctors said you were lucky to be alive. Rest up. I'll talk to you soon." I laid back down, and without realizing it, I fell asleep. I woke back up. I didn't get good sleep. I kept thinking about how easily Chaos killed me, about how I barely put up a fight. Ugh! I need to get much better if I ever beat him! I need to train harder, work more if I'm gonna make it. I'll kill him if it's the last thing I'll do! I feel better although I feel a soft pain whenever I breathe. In any case, I needed to get back on my feet. Maybe I can stay at the Grotto. It's secure and has very few points of access. Skye came into my room. "Are you alright? After we talked you've been asleep for 3 days, tossing and turning with a pained look on your face. The doctors said it could be because you've been blaming yourself for what happened." I simply said I didn't want to talk about it. "I need to recuperate and train. I think the Grotto is the safest option. It has a low amount of access points and it's well planned." "Uh, about that." "yeah? What is it?" "The Rig, the Grotto, and the Agency have been taken over by Chaos, and we now have a better grasp of the situation." "Wait.....WHAT?!" "Look, the one who shot you, his name is Chaos Agent. He's the leader of A.L.T.E.R, and its subgroup, SHADOW. SHADOW launched a huge attack on all of our bases except the Yacht. Only the Yacht and The Shark are still under Ghost control." This put a major dent in my plans. The Rig was extremely valuable as well, and now my enemy has those resources. "well, there is the Ghost house, but that's tricky, and a bit small." "We still have the shark. And the Yacht as well." "You're right. Either way, we need to come up with a gameplan." "We'll find a way, I'm sure of it."

Chapter 31 (By skyedas) please don't delete[]

Midas POV

I still can't believe that in the 3 days I've been asleep, half the island was taken over by Chaos! Skye walks into the room and hands me my drum gun. "Thanks" I mumbled. "Your welcome" chirped Skye. "I've been trying to get ahold of Brutus and TnTina, but they haven't answered." I looked out the window at the waves, and I saw something coming towards the yacht! "What's that?" I mumbled. " I don't kno-" Skye was suddenly interrupted by a rocket flying at the yacht! We ran up to the top floor, and SHADOW henchmen surrounded us. "Well, well, well." says someone. Two henchmen move out of the way, and TnTina walks up!

chapter 32 (by Qqazwz)[]

Skye's POV

Midas and I stared at TNTina in shock, she had a complete makeover. How could she join shadow?!

“Tina, I thought you were my friend,” I said. “I always was Skye,” she snickered, “Why did you betray us, Tina?" I cried. She replied, “Well ghost was about to turn to dust so I thought I would join shadow.“ I stared at her angrily. I couldn’t believe it. She was my best friend, and she betrayed us. “GET OUT TINA!” I screamed “NOW!” As she rushed out of there with her henchman I felt a burst of anger, like I could explode. I would get my friend back, I thought as I walked Midas to a boat to leave the Yacht.

Chapter 33(By Derby dynamo )[]

Midas's POV

I don't believe it. TNTina turned against me. How could this happen? I gave her own base for Oro's sake! Just another person on my hit list, I suppose. Still, this person actually meant more to me than I thought, now that I think about it. We were like a family, and she betrayed us. Wait. If TNTina's turned, have the others as well? I know Meowscles wasn't too happy with me giving the Yacht to Deadpool after a while, but did he turn? And Brutus didn't pick up his calls. He could be with Shadow for all I know. I turned to Skye. "We can't trust anyone anymore. Not even Deadpool. We're going to rise back on top and we'll make sure this won't happen again." "But if we can't trust Deadpool, then who do we trust? Your own henchmen turned on you, Midas. What do we do?" "Just because I said we can't trust him doesn't mean we can't use him. He could actually be Ghost. Still, I have people for this exact reason, although try not to get too attached. They're really good. Some are Ghost, but these guys are from the original E.G.O." Skye looked at me with surprise and wonder. I knew she'd be amazed. I only hope it will be enough to set my plan into motion.

Chapter 33 v. 2 ( By Darsh Tamang)

Midas's POV

I like Skye, she is the best girlfriend I had, I mean I never had a girlfriend but she is the best. I thought that I might die in the fight next week, so let me ask her if she would like to go to the dance with me.

A few days later

Skye's POV

I love Midas since I met him. It's almost an year that we have been dating. But not sure why my twin is jealous of him. May be she loves him too.

Fighting Day

Midas's POV

Well, today is the day we fight, and might die, so I should call Bry, yeah that's Skye's nickname.

Midas: Skye, its me

Skye: Hi! handsome

Midas: Skye, it isn't funny. I want to ask you something.

Skye: What is it Midas?

Midas: Will you...??

Skye: isn't it kinda bit before fight?

Midas: umm..will you will join me in the fight?

Skye : Oh yeah!....I just thought something else

Midas: I can't imagine what, my love.. Anyways C ya.

*hangs up*I guess its time to fight. Chaos was there creating chaos i went there and said" what is your problem!" "I need the agency!!"

Barked Chaos. Maybe it was time to fight , I took out my drum gun watching Skye praying behind me, Then suddenly somebody tried to snipe skye from suppressed sniper so we couldn't know who it was, but that bullet might given skye a lot of pain kill so i jumped and took the bullet. "NO!" said skye crying then chaos went for agency Then everything went black after 30 minutes i woke up in hospital, saw skye crying and then she said,"You are the best boyfriend in the world no one had you can't go no you cant go." *cries* "Hey" i said, "I will still be in here *points at heart* ."Ma'am you have to go we have to check on him " The ghost professional Remedy said.

2 hours Later........

Skye's POV

*Remedy comes out of door*

"what happened ?!" i said.

"he's alive!!!!"

I quickly Dashed into Midas' room and kissed him and hugged him tightly.

i said,"How did you come alive i mean,i wanted you to survive i mean ughh!"

He said," I know you are happy that im alive, so there many questions in your mind."

wow Midas can really read my mind

Skye's POV

this was the best 2 years of my life! I'm so happy i applied to be an agent or might have never met Midas and fell in love with him.I guess there will be more fighting cause Tina joined ghost.

Midas's POV

Skye might have gone to the shark a minute ago and im already missing her. She is always sweet. Almost forgot oro is coming after and he will never ever stop until he finds me.coming soon...

after 3-4 years

oro's pov

Huh!,i gonna kill you i wanted that agency so that i can kill people and Midas is using agency for justice and is a couple??Your gonna regret this Midas!!!


You can run away from the agency, but you can't run away from me, I'm gonna tear all your family into dust. Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Midas's POV

"Yeah Skye how did your experience of your shark go? And are you happy that i gave you new henchmen?" I said. "i knew you'll do this honey,but how and why did you give me 2nd best poi in the map?

I replied", i didn't even know it was the best poi but i still thought that you will like it cause you like everything."

"Midas i love you"she said and we kissed

*Phone rings* "i should go and check on my phone,see yaa in a minute." I said "No worries" Chirped skye *goes out the room*

"Yeah who is it?" I said. "Your worst nightmare!" somebody said in a familiar voice. "Jeff, is that you?" I said."Oro" He said. " is this some sorta prank?"I said

"oro is gonna kill you!!!teaming up with chaos." He said."Don't even dare come here and call me." I shouted and hung up. *enters Skye's room* "whose call was it ?" she said

"My Ex girlfriend,kidding some stupid guy is calling me and saying that he is teaming up with your look-a-like and is gonna kill us all."i said "Funny right? Your look-a-like." "No"Said Skye "Believe it or not, i have a twin that works for shadow!". "what the what" i said "But why is she gonna kill us all"."Because she is jealous that we are a couple cause she was also in love with you, and now your are my boyfriend, She joined shadow and is against as just like Brutus and tntina." She said in a serious tone. Man what i am i gonna do?

After 1 year

Midas POV

I just realized that when oro said that,he is teaming up with skye Duplicate and he said he was teaming up with with Chaos. But how ? Nobody has seen chaos after the sniper incident. Let me check the news quick about chaos. I kept scrolling down and saw a news about chaos 4 years ago

It was a paper, It said: Chaos has not been seen after the sniper incident.But rumor has it that he went to steamy stacks and nobody ever saw him ever again. But stay safe because i was a cube professional,my name is Raz Rex, i was brother of the leader of the ghost agency, always kept the cube safe,but then when the cube started hurting people, i melted it in steamy stacks. Do not understand this as a joke, but if somebody goes near it, whether they are good or bad it brings them to darkness , make them immortal and to rule over the world (This news reporter went missing when he tried to discover some place named spire "s secrets as it had some cube's crystal appearing on it) Wait ,i thought. i now realize that Raz who left my agency five years ago was my brother and kept his name oro for short. Man, darkness made my own brother bad and also chaos has also turned into darkness.Man,we are doomed. I don't even know how he looks, so how am i suppose to manipulate him to be good.I think i know, darkness of cube is black and purple so if we see Raz's chest tattoos, I can see how he looks when he is bad,yeah my brother also had chest tattoos like me.....Got it! see how he might be looking right now:

chapter 34

Skye's POV

I asked Midas that what is happening because he had some trouble face but he said nothing i don't know what going on..after i took the bath, wore my clothes in my my bathroom but when i came out, i saw Midas talking about his brother, but i never heard of his brother.I said"hey Hun, is something wrong?" . "no no hehehe no " He said

Midas POV

Oh man! i also did not sleep yesterday because i just kept thinking of raz being bad and trying to kill me, what a i gonna do!

Raz's POV

Uh yaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! my god it feels good to be in full power huhhhhh chaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Midas' pov

OMG!, its like so boring, i can't sleep, i thought of watching TV , as Skye was sleeping. All of a sudden, Skye said,"What do you think that i am sleeping."

Then i thought of visiting places with Skye but the problem was i had no fuel in my chopper, oh man,what am i gonna do .But i suddenly thought about the idea of taking the motorboat, it is designed by me and has unlimited fuel! I asked Skye and she said yes, thank god! We went to many places likes craggy cliffs, Boney burbs, misty meadows, lazy lake, gorgeous gorge, and when we were at gorgeous gorge's water fall i could see that Skye was getting bored, so when we were at the waterfall, i jumped the boat from it and used the BOOST, i could see Skye hugging me and screaming in amazement

Skye's POV

Man today was the best night ever! we visited the best places like boney burbs i love that place man who can do this for his GHOULFRIEND (Ghoul Trooper said me to say girlfriends like this and Boyfriends skull friends weird right) , i mean who

well i asked Midas that if i could go to the shark, he said yes but said to be careful i said,"Fine Midas." I went there and saw some Minis (small shield potion)

So i grabbed it because the jump from the waterfall scared the bejesus out of me i drank t and went to sleep and after that when i woke up to drink some more minis I fell down.

a few hours later

huh what is this place? wheres Midas? Help!

"well well well"Someone said

It was tntina!

She said" If you go to Midas and say to leave you and see if Tina loves him, I'll never attack both of you."

I said ," so this was always about Midas right?, but if i am right, then never!"

She said," Fine, then i'll let you die."

Then someone came and it was Midas he said," Release her!!!! she's my girlfriend and will be until i die!"He hurt his ankle as he jumped in order to save me

"no, skye might not have been in love with you if you weren't so......handsome."

"You can't manipulate me to love you Tina, and also, always make sure that true love never dies, you can never take anyone's boyfriend, come here skye" he said He hugged me tightly in front of everyone

"fine let's go team, leave the 'couple' alone" she said sarcastically and then planted a C-4 and set the time of 5 Min what are we gonna do?

Midas' POV

now what are we gonna do?I thought, i wanted to spend all my time with skye because i didn't know how more i will be alive, this life man i have to protect my agency, my girlfriend, my ghost squad,my brother,my enemy etc.But no time to think, i said,"Don't worry, we will find a way out of this."

She said,"remember the Ollie hat i gave to you, do you have it?"

there was 1 min left on the C-4

i said," Yes i have it my love, how can i not carry it all i wanted to do was spend time with you because i don't know how much time i will be alive"

30 seconds

"midas just take out the hat" she said

I took Ollie out immediately

10 seconds

we flew out

1 seconds, kaboom!!!!!!

Oh man, now i want a break after this so that i can spend my time with skye.

Skye POV

We just survived!,i repeat,we just survived! Man, i had no hope that midas will carry Ollie with him....i think i forgot how much he loves me, and about how he scolded tntina about that i am his true love and stuff, wow midas is so deep,i can't imagine why he didn't have any girlfriends in the past, i mean i'm happy, but who will not fall in love with a cute face. But not to be quite happy Midas said that if i find anything that not mine, i should quickly call Midas and he will find if someone is there, so i don't get hurt, again ,i can't imagine why he didn't have any girlfriends in the past, i mean i'm happy, but who will not fall in love with a kind and a guy who THINKS about other people to, midas didn't say me not to go out ever again.

Midas POV

Finally, tntina RAN away, and nobody has found her yet. Half of skye dress got BLASTED and now looks like a top, and not gonna lie,she looks beautiful than ever. She looked like my ex-girlfriend Mina, So i remembered her and a tear came out as i used to love Mina, i even love skye but i loved Mina the most, i remember how she snuck out from her house to go on a date with me, i proposed her but her parents said to forbid me, i said them i would give my life to be with Mina, but they rejected it. Then one day she said,"I wish my parents die so that i can marry you."

Then i thought,"What my darling wants, my darling gets." I came in her house and killed her parents, after that she dumped me as i was stupid. But i will tell this about skye when the time is right.

But now i need a break for maybe a WEEK. so what can i do? i can visit her best friend ghoul trooper or go to buy her favorite cars um i don't know.

Skye's POV

Today i thought of SHARING Midas my baby PICTURES but he might laugh i as did embarrassing...But it went out well, i think so Midas just said aw all the time and there was one baby picture of mine in which one i was hugging my mom! Midas just said aww, it was the end, then Midas told me his life in school, he said,"There was a bully named Mina, who bullied the whole class and somehow i had a crush on her, i talked to her, she started blushing, but when there was a girl bullying her, i said to the girl,"Why are you bullying Mina? i love her and you can't bully my loved ones and who does hurt my girl, i make them golden!" the girl ran away, after that she closed her eyes and KISSED me. But after a few weeks, she left me."

I said in jealousy," it was not nice of her SPITTING up with you."

He said,"it was good as she got drowned by ghost army."

we kissed each other and said good night.

Midas's POV

Well today i have to go and get the spire artifact to Lara croft to get 1000 v-bucks and from that i can buy a diamond ring fo skye

Well, i prepared the choppa and no one was prepared to go there so i thought i was the one to go there, and then i went to take it

Midas's POV

Right now I'm in the choppa, thinking of that i finally said her that i had a love, but didn't tell i MURDERED her parents. And we were gonna get married, next September, the day i kissed Skye.Now, no time to think, it's time to get in the storm to get the artifact yeahaaah!!!!

Skye's POV

So now Midas has went to collect the golden artifact, i don't know how it's golden as Midas is the only gold person i know in this map,still Bon voyage Midas!

After an hour, i received a VOICE message from Midas, i opened it and went like.

"I have been stuck in the storm because of the cube's power, but don't panic Skye, if i die in the storm i wanna tell you that you're the Best girlfriend i ever had, i might have many girlfriend in the past, but why am i saying this i can make it from yooouuuurrrr loooveeee yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Wait what happened to Midas ? is he also in darkness now, and he never told me he had many girlfriend in the past, like i just said, because of his KINDNESS, oh dumb skye, you're most loved boyfriend is in darkness and you're thinking this, i said to myself and took the chopper to rescue the man i love.

Shadow Midas's POV


Skye's POV

I'm gonna save Midas no matter the consequences, i prepared the chopper and went in then the chopper was gonna crash

'tet tet tet Tet te te te tetetetetetetettetetetetettetetetete bbbbbbeeeeeeep booooom!!!!!!!!!!."

I jumped out had hurt my ankle there i there saw shadow Midas

I said,"You don't have to be bad calm down."

He pulled out his drum gun and started to shoot me

I Kissed Midas and fell down on the ground due to pain and then i heard, "what happened to me?! honey are you alright, i am gonna take you home i have some med kits and slurp juice so that i can heal you."

Skye's pov

I feel fine now Midas was crying in happiness