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Welcome to the page about User:NightmareHunters 's Chapter D Launch Season!!! This has the most limited Arsenal Loot Pool ever, soooo....

Title : "Indiana Jonesy and the Temple of BOOM"

Theme : Jungle Exploration

New POIs[]

New Locations[]

  • Starry Suburbs
  • Salty City
  • Whining Woods
  • Twine Towers
  • Canny Canopies
  • Lazy Lagoon
  • Traitorous Trench
  • The Temple of BOOM
  • Pleasant Pyramids
  • Molten Mountain (Volcano)


  • Indiana Jonesy's Warehouse (South of Whining)
  • Indiana Jonesy's Crash Site (Within Pleasant Pyramids)


  • Blazed Ballers (Found around Molten Mountain)(All Black)
  • Indiana Jonesy's OG Safari (Jeep) (First Mythic Rarity Vehicle) (Looks like Jurassic Park)
  • OG Safari (Jeep) (Vehicle Wrap changes appearance)
  • OG Bear
  • Victory Motors Road-Rage (Looks like a 2005 Turbo Subaru) (Appearance affected by Wrap)


Main Loot Pool[]

  • Burst AR (Rare-Legendary)
  • Drum Gun (Uncommon-Epic)
  • Drum Shotgun (Rare-Legendary)
  • Tactical Shotgun (Legendary) (Only found at Starry Suburbs)
  • Salt-Shaker SMG (Epic) (Only found at Salty City)
  • Fiend-Hunter Crossbow
  • CrossBoom (Scoped Boom Bow, to sum it up) (Epic-Legendary)


  • Throwable Sentry Turret (20 seconds of shooting before self-destruction)
  • Fire Trap
  • Rift Tile (a tile w/ an infinite Rift)
  • Boulder Trap (Found naturally only in The Temple of Boom)
  • Damage Trap (Found naturally only in The Temple of Boom)
  • Poison Dart Trap (Found naturally only in The Temple of Boom)

End Event[]

Chapter D takes place long after the downfall of Chapter 1, and at the End Event, there will be a Time Traveler who comes from Chapter 1 : Season 9 to take us all with him to stop the creation of M.E.C.H.A and to slay Cattus the Devouror (Monster) w/o destroying the Zero Point.